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My name is Julian and i am the founder of Trippinbalkans.com – travel services operated by a group of passionate travel designers and tourist guides driven to create a memorable holiday experience to both well-loved destinations and destinations still unfamiliar in Albania and the Balkans, all of which will forever be etched in your memory.

We are professional, have a sense of humor, always on time, well-educated and holding all necessary experience to provide services at the highest level.

What we do?

We are professional licensed guides and not only!

We specialize in designing travel itineraries that match unique destinations and activities with the personal interests and desires of the traveler.

At “Explorer go-go” we exceed at helping you getting your vacation planned. We are passionate travel designers, travelers first, guides with a very good knowledge of the field.

Our emphasize is on the single traveler and small groups. Our goal is to be there for you, delivering experiences and offering excursions one step away from the beaten path.


How we do?

We operate through a web of partners in each of the countries that are covered. The know-how alongside the long experience matured working for some of the main DMC and the personal contact with each one of the partners ensures the best service quality delivering our promise.

The choice and focus on small groups and individual travelers, allow us to deliver that “something more” that we believe makes the difference.

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