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Ohrid: Private Full – Day  Conducted Tour

Discover Ohrid’s charm as you visit the major sights of the city accompanied by a private guide. Wonder through the old cobbled stone streets and hear about the past and the present of this amazing UNESCO sight.


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Berat: Private Full – Day  Conducted Tour

Visit on of the most beautiful  city in Albania. Travel with a knowledgeable private guide and know more about the of history of this ancient city. The city nick named as “The City of 1001 Windows” will reward you mesmerizing views and much more.



Kruje: Private Half – Day  Conducted Tour

Albania has a lot of history and the town of Kruje will tell you about it. Explore the medieval stronghold of the Arberia and visit its museums, where you will hear the history of  a nobble Warrior King, whose stories inspired the great composer Antonio Vivaldi in 1718.


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Visit Apollonia
Petrela Castle
Bovilla Lake

We exceed at helping you getting your vacation planned. We are passionate travel designers, travelers first and qualified tourist guides with a very good knowledge of the field.

Private Albania Multi – Days Tour

Albania for many reasons is still a black dot in the International Tourism map. We do not consider this a disadvantage but a great possibility for our guests to visit and explore something new, still Europe and out of the beaten track. Its beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, history and Mediterranean gastronomy, will reward the curious traveler with a lifetime experience.

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Tailor Made and Customized Tours

 You just have to let us know your travel needs and we assure you our flexibility concerning time and guides. In any given time if you desire to, you are able to make a break and be accompanied by a local guide everywhere you need to go. This tours can be fully adapted to the needs and interests of any individual or small group.

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Private Balkan Tours

A journey into the diversity, our beauty and our strength! Travel with us in this part of Europe and discover the rich millennial history, the food and the people. Together we can design and plan your trip in the Balkans.

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Guided Day Trips in Albania

Albania is still an unfamiliar destination. It will surely surprise and touch your feelings with its own contradictions and diversities. Our desire is to show the most of it but let’s assume you are in the city just for a day or a few days. Drop us an email and take a look around with one of our Day Trips.

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Bread and Wine Tours

Bread and Wine tours are perfect combination of  City Breaks and Culinary tours, suitable for anyone looking to relax and experience something a little different. So whether you’re on your own, a couple or with a family, it’s the best way to stay together and try some old family recipes alongside some cultural activities. Together we will discover typical, local traditional cuisine, meet local farmers, and taste their products on a journey into the Mediterranean flavors.

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At trippinbalkans.com we strive to create a memorable holiday experience to both well-loved destinations and destinations still unfamiliar in Albania and the Balkans, all of which will forever be etched in your memory.

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